About Us

The King of Indiana was created to bring the racing community of Indiana to the next level. Upon the completion of each harescramble, the overall results will be published to a living document that will contain the overall finish for every competitor in Indiana. Weekly results will be published to the Facebook page and this website.


Conditions - Only PM Bikes, AM Bikes, PM Quads, and AM Quads will be counted - Only IXCR, MidWest XC, Crossroads RS, and Stoney Lonesome, and Extreme XC overall finishes are counted -You must "finish" a race. Meaning DNF/DNS/DQs will not be counted. (Based on each promoters finishing policies)

Scoring - Is based on the number of Overall riders in each race. For example: if a race has 200 riders, 1st place will receive 200 points and last place will receive 1 point. The more riders, the better the score.


Series Participants